IoT Enabled Temperature Humidity Monitoring
Alerts on Your Fingertips along with Paperless Data Recording


Monitoring of ambient parameters like temperature, humidity is important aspects for various businesses such as Data Centers, Cold Storages, Pharmaceutical Labs, Chillar Rooms, Green Houses, Poly Houses etc.

Pain Point:

  • The failures in Air Conditioners may cause to rise the temperature and change in humidity levels
  • No immediate alert given to concern authorities for parameters crossing threshold values
  • No alerts for parameters approaching threshold values to prevent damage

Solution Proposed:

We have Introduced IoT Enabled Temperature and Humidity Monitors along with messaging Alerts over SMS and Emails.


  • Continuous Wireless Remote Monitoring
  • Dashboard for remote monitoring on Smart Phones/Tablets/Laptops
  • Multiple Sensors can be connected to Master Controller
  • Alert messaging for threshold crossing by Emails and SMS
  • Variety of Connectivity options for Internet Connectivity
  • Local storage of Data at Master Controller in case of No Network
  • Audio indication at local monitor in case of threshold levels crossed
  • Data recording along with report generation for further analysis


Data Center Data Center To monitor data center, server room and network closet environments to protect critical infrastructure and prevent system downtime, hardware damage and data loss.
Cold Storage Cold Storage Our environment monitors enable users to monitor cold-storage facilities among restaurants, cafeterias, grocery stores and warehouses across the globe to protect perishable inventory ensuring food quality and safety.
Health Care Health Care Monitor and validate temperature among various environments within healthcare facilities including hospitals, blood and tissue banks, laboratories and more. Our sensors are designed to monitor extreme temperatures and allow users to satisfy FDA compliant reporting.
Telecom Telecom Monitor climate and power conditions within base transceiver stations, cell sites, and technical rooms to ensure your equipment is running in optimal conditions.
Agriculture Agriculture Useful to monitor ambient parameters in poly houses, green houses to manitaion the desired range of ambient parameters required for particular crop