DynaPCN Passenger Counter

DynaPCN Passenger Counter Eurotech’s people / passenger counter is a compact and autonomous device based on non-contact stereoscopic vision technology. It has been designed for passenger counting above the doorways of buses and rolling stocks, as well as to count people as they enter or leave buildings or any area with restricted access. The product is easy to deploy and integrates with Eurotech gateways and the Everyware Cloud seamlessly.

ReliaSENS Environment Sensor

ReliaSENS Environment Sensor Eurotech’s ReliaSENS environmental monitoring systems are designed to provide a scalable, efficient and compact solution that integrates multiple sensors in a single, easy to deploy unit. These compact, easy to install environment monitoring systems collect and analyze air quality parameters, electromagnetic fields, ionizing radiation levels and even sound pollution. The architecture is modular to accommodate variety of gases like CO, CO2, N2, NO2 etc. and also particulates, and all data is available on Mobile App.

SecuPlate Number Plate Readers

SecuPlate Number Plate Readers Eurotech's ALPR Automatic License Plate Recognition Systems integrate hardware and specifically designed software to detect and identify license plate from incoming vehicles, for Security & Surveillance installations.