Production Line and Plant Equipment

Production Line Monitoring system augments the existing legacy PLC systems in manufacturing or process plants. Since it is many times difficult to alter or enhance working assembly lines, this system is designed to parallelly monitor the functioning of the assembly line. It tracks stoppages due to material shortage or maintenance issue, delays in completing assigned jobs at any stage, track target figures and also send alerts in case of emergency. The analytics reports like monthly downtimes due to various issues, delays, targets etc. help improve productivity and efficiency.

Vintech also provides solution to capture relevant parameters from various utilities which are integral to a manufacturing plant. These include ACs, Boilers, Compressors, AHU, Chillers, Solar Power Heaters, Water Treatment Plants etc. Apart from standard protocols like ModBUS and CanBUS, Vintech can provide solution for other legacy protocols like Ethernet/IP, Profinet or Proprietary. All these are integrated on Eurotech Gateways and managed through the Everyware IoT platform.