Multi-service IoT Gateways

M2M / IoT Gateways close the gap between devices in the field and the Cloud, where data is collected, stored and manipulated by business applications.

The M2M / IoT Gateways, instantiate a bidirectional communication between the field and the Cloud; moreover, high-end IoT Gateways offer local processing and storage capabilities to provide offline edge services and almost real time control over the devices in the field.

Multi-Service IoT Gateways are ideally suited for M2M applications to connect sensors, actuators, and devices to the business enterprise.

Key functionalities include:

Multiple input ports s.a. RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth BLE and LoRaWAN

Connectivity protocols like ModBUS, CanBUS, ZigBee

Communication to cloud through Ethernet, Wi-fi, Bluetooth and Cellular

Some models are also equipped with sensors for temperature, accelerometer and GPS.